I. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1. Primitive method of trade was known as barter system. 2. Trade decides the economic growth of a country. 3. In Tamil Nadu domestic trade is effectively handled between districts. 4. Virudhunagar district exports crackers. Read more


I.CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1. Equilibrium price equalizes demand and supply. 2. Supply is constant in very short period. II.WRITE A SHORT NOTE: 1. Equilibrium price. There is only one price at which the preferences of seller and buyer meet Read more


I. Fill in the blanks 1. Latin America exports _______________. 2. Rubber and tin are found abundantly in ________________. 3. Industrial countries export ___________ to the less industrial countries. 4. Trade between countries is called ____________. 5. The European country Read more