The Great Revolt of 1857

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. The British historians call the revolt of 1857 as Military revolt 2. Indian historians describe the Revolt of 1857 as First war of Indian Independence 3. During the great revolt of 1857 the Governor Read more

Imperialism in India and China

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. Germany and Italy became unified countries in 1870 2. A great demand for the raw materials was created by Industrial revolution 3. The policy of imperialism followed by the European countries from 1870 – Read more


I. CHOOSE IT 1. During industrial revolution production became faster 2. England is birth place of the industrial revolution. 3. Great Britain is an Island 4. Cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney 5. In 1830 the first passenger railway Read more


I.CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1.Tamil language has the continuous history of atleast 2500 years. 2. The kalabhras were replaced by the pallavas at kanchi in north Tamil Nadu. 3. The pallava inscription at kudimian malai refers to a Great musician Read more


I.CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER: 1. Which was the birth place of renaissance? Italy 2. Who was responsible for reformation? Martin Luther King 3. In which year Constantinople was captured by the Turks? 1452 A.D 4. Who painted the famous painting Read more


I. Choose the correct answer: 1. Early medieval period has been termed as Dark Age. 2. Feudalism was a social system based on land. 3. Prophet Mohammad founded the religion of Islam. 4. The title of lion heart was given Read more


I. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER: 1. Hippocrates was called father of medicine. 2. The Egyptian king was called as Pharaoh. 3. The Sumerian calendar based on seven days in a week. 4. Gun powder was invented by Chinese. 5. The Read more


I. Choose the correct answer 1. The Vellore mutiny took place in the year a) 1806 b) 1807 c) 1808 2. The Sepoys were influenced by ____________ a) English officers b) Tipus family c) Robert cline 3. The Governor of Read more