I. Choose the correct answer:

1. The soil found in the Arid Zone is known as Desert soil

2. The Monsoon forests are otherwise called as Deciduous forest

3. Which one of the following mineral is contained in the Monazite and Uranium

II. Match the following:

1. Black soil  Cotton cultivation
2. Lignite  A type of coal
3. Mangrove forest  Sundarbans
4. Renewable resources  Sun
5. Non renewable resources  Petroleum

IV. Short answers:

1. What do you understand by the term natural resources?

“All materials obtained from the nature to satisfy the needs of our daily life” is known as Natural resources. Land, Air, Water, Sunlight, Soil, Minerals coal, petroleum, Plants.

2. What are the properties of fertile soil?

Soil fertility is determined by the presence of “micro nutrients” and “macro nutrients”.

3. Name any four main characteristics of the tropical evergreen forest.

Characteristics of the tropical evergreen forest.

  • These forest are found where the rainfall is more than 200cms
  • They do not shed their leaves
  • The trees reach up to the height of 60mts
  • The sunlight cannot reach the ground due to dense forest.
  • Mahogany, ebony, rubber & bamboo

4. Give the meaning of shrub and thorn forest.

  • These forests are found mainly in those areas where the average annual rainfall is less than 75cm with the long dry season.
  • The trees are scattered in these forests.
  • They have long roots tap water in the underground.

5. Name the mica producing areas of India.

Major mica producing states of India are Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Rajasthan.

V. Answer the following paragraph:

1. Write the importance of forest

Importance of Forests:-

  • Forests provide valuable timber for domestic and commercial use.
  • It supplies a number of products such as Medicines, Herbs, Honey and Spices.
  • Export of forest products earns valuable foreign exchange.
  • Grazing cattle in the forests helps in dairy farming.
  • Many forest reserves have been developed into tourist centres.
  • Forest observe carbon-di-oxides and help in controlling air pollution.
  • Forests help in controlling soil erosion, flood control.
  • Forests provide natural habitats to primitive tribes, animals and birds.
  • Forests are the moderators of climate.

2. Describe the need for the conservation of natural resources?

The need for the conservation of natural resources

  • To maintain ecological balance for supporting life.
  • To preserve different kind of species (biodiversity)
  • To make the resources available for present and future generation.
  • To ensure the survival of human race.