I. Fill in the blanks:

1. The main occupation of people in the Villages is——–


2. Transports facilities are available in ——-


3. Agricultural workers migrates from villages to

Towns and Cities

II. Answer the following:

1. What are the basic requirements of man?

The basic requirements like

· Food

· Clothing

· Shelter

· Education

· Medical facilities

· Employment opportunities

· Social Security Should be provided.

2. Give reason for the Migration of the Agricultural workers to cities.

· As agriculture is well developed it provides job opportunities to agriculture labours.

· In recent years the pastural lands have been reduced in size and cattle rearing has also decreased.

· Most of the agricultural land have been converted into residential flats.

· This was a death of blow to agriculture

· Therefore agricultural labours started migrating to town to cities.

3. How can Corporation be Identified?

· Cities with large population are called Corporation.

· Some of them are

· Madurai

· Coimbatore

· Trichy

· Salem

· Tirunelveli

· Corporations have broad four way roads, flyovers, skyscrapers, parks and private and public office industries educational and technical institutions.

4. List the infrastructure facilities found in cities.

· There are more employment opportunities available in cities.

· People working in Government offices and technical industries receive monthly income.

· These people are able to satisfy their basic requirement easily.

5. Enumerate five differences between – and City life.

Village life City life
Fresh air and ventilated residential area Pollution and crowed area
Dependent on each other’s Independent life
Hereditary occupation Change according to time
Simple and Natural food Fast food
Less transport and Medical facilities Different mode of transports