1. Write any five name of the corporation.

  1. § Chennai
  2. § Madurai
  3. § Coimbatore
  4. § Salem
  5. § Erode
  6. § Vellore

2. Define suburban area.

§ Villages are located more or less twenty five kms. Away from the cities.

§ These are called as suburban areas.

3. What are the occupations of the suburban?

§ The main occupations of the people living in these areas are agriculture, weaving, handicrafts, brick kiln and rice mills.

§ They even engage themselves in fishing.

Rotation and Revolution of the Earth:

Write short note on Leap Year.

§ Earth’s takes approximately 365 1/4 days to complete one revolution.

§ For the sake of convenience we consider only 365 days for one year the remaining ¼ days is added as one this is added to fourth year that year.

§ When this is added to the fourth year that year has one extra day which is called as leap year.