I. Fill in the blanks:

1. The type of Government followed in our country is ——-


2. Law and order is maintained by——–

Police Department

 3. Officer from the rank of Village Administrative Officer to the ——– participate in campus in remote villages once a months.


II. Answer the following:

1. Who ruled our country during the ancient period?

§ In the olden days our country was ruled by Kings and Chieftains

§ Tamil Nadu was ruled by the Chera’s, Pandya’s, Chola’s.

§ Kalabharas , Pllavas, Nayaks, Marathas and others conquered and ruled various parts of

Tamil Nadu.

2. Where and when do observe Grievance day? How do they find Solution?

v Every Monday is observed as Grievance day.

v People residing in that area can approach the officers with their grievance.

v Apart from this once a month officers from rank of District Collector to the VAO have to

camp in the remote Village.

v Those do not have the facility to visit the Districts Collectors officers and utilize this

opportunity and approach the collector directly and hand over their petitions.

v In the same camp all grievances and solved by the public Relationship Programmes.

3. Who are the representatives? How are they elected?

Ø Lok sabha, Rajya Sabha and State Assembly representatives are elected by according to the Indian Constitution.

Ø Our representatives are elected though election.

Ø Those who have completed the stipulated year of age are eligible to content in the election.