I. Choose the correct answer

1. Local self Government was introduced by__________

Lord Ripon

2. Union Chairperson is elected by__________

Ward Members

II.Fill in the Blanks:

1. The term of office for the Mayor is _______

Five years

2. Every district has a _________


III. Answer the following:

1. Why is local self – government necessary?

India is a large country vast country with a large population therefore the Central and State

Government alone cannot provide the necessary requirements and solve the problems.

2. What are the duties of the Village Council? How many times in a year and when does the

Village Council meet?

Village Council:

There is a Village Council in the every Village.

Those who reside within the limits of the Panchayat are its members.

The village development programmes and annual budget plans can be implemented only after

the beneficiaries of the programmes get approval from the Village Council.

The Village Council meets four times a year:

v January 26th – Republic day

v May 1st – Labour day

v August 15th – Independence day

v October – Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday

3. List out the four important functions of the Village Council.

The functions of the Village Panchayat:

v Laying village roads

v Drinking water supply

v Laying drainage system

v Maintaining street lights

v Construction of small bridges

v Maintaining village libraries.

4. How does the Village Council get its revenue?


v House tax, professional tax, tax from shops.

v Fee for drinking water connection and water tax.

v A share of the land revenue.

5. How is the Panchayat Union formed?

Panchayat Union:

v The Panchyat union consists of several village panchayats.

v Through elections they elect the panchayat union members in the ratio of 1:5000.

v Among them one will be selected as the Panchayat Union Chairperson.