I. Choose the correct answer:

1. In a Republic, citizens —————–

Have Equal rights.

2. The first Indian women doctor

Dr. Muthulakshmi Ammaiyar

3. Occupations in which women are not involved

None of above

4. Avai home is —————

Home for destitute woman

II. Fill in the blanks:

1. ———-creates an equal society.

Social Justice

2. Age at which men and women can vote is——-

18 Years

3. ‘‘Madhar thammai izhivu seyyum

Madamai eykko Iuthuvom” these line were sung by——

Subramaniya Barathiyar.

III. Match the following

1. To eradicate the inequality in the society    – social justice

2. Men alone are suitable for all positions      – wrong attitude

3. Women depend on male Companions       – belief passes through Generation

4. To stop the custom of – prohibition Act Child marriage

5. Cancer institute at Adyar – it proclaims the fame of Dr. Muthulakshmi


1. What is the hindrance for Human Resource development?

§ For many year people have blindly believed that men are superior and women are inferior.

§ This blind belief is a hindrance of the development of human resource in the society.

2. Mention eight services where women require mental and physical abilities

· We know the ability and capacity of women through their work from early times. They are:

· Managing the houses and cooking

· Rearing and maintaining cattle.

· Weaving mats, basket making and making thatched roof out of coconut leaves.

· Medical or health workers, sanitary worker prevention of diseases.

· Maternity, childcare, helping children to grow.

3. Mention the scheme introduced in Tamil Nadu for welfare of mother and child.

Dr. Muthulakshmi Meternity stipendiary scheme.

Under this scheme the mother are provided with financial assistance to get a nutritious diet for three prenatal care months and three postnatal care months.

4. Mention the first achievement of Dr. Muthulakshmi in India.

Dr. Muthulakshmi fought against social evil of Devadasi system and took measures’ to eradicate this by suitable enactments. This was the first achievement of Dr. Muthulakshmi in India.

5. Name the award given by the Central Government to Dr. Muthulakshmi .

· Dr. Muthulakshmi was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1956 for her meritorious service.

· She dedicated her life for the upliftment of women.

6. How does society deny women, their rights?

§ For many years people have blindly believed that men are superior and women are inferior.

§ Men get the opportunity to be educated receive salary for their work and right to property. Due to this misconception that prevailed in the society, men have been given the opportunity to rule and obtain high government posts.

§ Women were made to stay at home because of child birth to take care of thee children as well the family.

§ From the earlier days, the misconception was that men were suitable to run errands and do physical labour.

§ Women always depend on male companions like father, husband, brother and son to lead life.