I. Choose the correct answer: 1. A person one who gives final utility to a commodity is Consumer 2. The customer are exploited by the Traders 3. The Right to information Act was passed by the Parliament on 12th October Read more


I. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: 1. The ancient religion of our country is Vedic region 2. Recognised official languages of India 22 3. Language is the means of Communication 4. Thembavani is related to Christianity 5. Buddha Poornima is celebrated Read more


I. Choose the correct answer: 1. The most popular form of Government in modern days Democracy 2. Direct Democracy existed in ancient Greece 3. Telugu Desam is a Regional party 4. If two parties exist in a country, it is Read more

India and World Peace

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. India is a country with an unbounded faith in Peace 2. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s five principles of peace are named as Pancha Sheel 3. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed in 1963 4. India Read more

Remote Sensing

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. Maps created by using aerial photographs are called ___ maps Ortho photo 2. The Object under study is known as _________ Target 3. The device to detect the Electro Magnetic Radiation is _____ Sensor Read more

Environmental Issues

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. Natural Nutrient enrichment of streams and lakes is Eutrophication 2. The main cause for natural air pollution Volcanic eruption 3. Contamination of air is called Air pollution II. Answer the following questions: 1. What Read more


I. Choose the correct answer: 1. India experiences Tropical Monsoon Climate 2. The coastal areas enjoy Equable 3. The place that gets rain from Western disturbance is Punjab 4. The mountains which lie parallel to the direction of the Southwest Read more

The Great Revolt of 1857

I. Choose the correct answer: 1. The British historians call the revolt of 1857 as Military revolt 2. Indian historians describe the Revolt of 1857 as First war of Indian Independence 3. During the great revolt of 1857 the Governor Read more