9th History



1. Which was the birth place of renaissance?


2. Who was responsible for reformation?

Martin Luther King

3. In which year Constantinople was captured by the Turks?

1452 A.D

4. Who painted the famous painting ‘mono lisa’?

Leonarda da vinci

5. Who founded a religious order society of Jesus?

Ignatius loyala

6. In which year vasco da gama reached Calicut?



1. Renaissance in Italy

a) Which is the school of Europe?


b) Who was the first great pioneer of classical art?


c) Who was the doctor of Charles V, wrote seven books?

Andrew Vesalius

d) Who was noted for his mastery of colour?


2. Reformation

a) What was the immediate cause for the Lutheran revolt?

Sale and indulgence

b) Who were called ‘ protestants’?

Followers of Lutheran

c) What were the sacraments reduced from seven to three?

Baptism, marriage and communion

d) Who was Johann Tetzel?


3. Society of Jesus

a) Who founded the society of Jesus?

Ignatius Loyala

b) In which year it was founded?


c) How many members (Jesuits) enrolled in the society of Jesus?


d) Who were the agents in propagating the counter reformation?


4. New discoveries

a) Who named cape of good hope?

Bartholomew Diaz

b) What was the name of the Christopher Columbus discovery?

The New World

c) What were the names of the Christopher Columbus’s three ships?

The santa maria, the nina and the pinta

d) Which Portuguese explorer named pacific ocean?

Ferdinand Magellan


1. What are the two broad division in the Renaissance movement?

The two broads division in the Renaissance movement are humanistic phase or the revival of classical learning and literature and regulation of classical art.

2. Write a short note on paintings.

Leonardo Davinci famous paintings are Mona Lisa and Last supper.

Raphael was famous for his paintings for Madonnas.

Titan was noted for the mastery of colour.

3. What was the important scientific invention during Renaissance period?

Copernicus discovered that the earth moves around the sun.

Galileo perfected the telescope.

Newton discovered the law of gravitation.

4. Define Renaissance.

Renaissance means revival or rebirth, the age of reason marks the revival of classical Greeks and roman spirit.

5. Define the council of trend.

It aimed at reforming the Catholic church.

Thought it failed to bring about unity in Christendom, it gave a clear definition to catholic doctrine

After the council of trend, the pop was recognized as the supreme arbiter in religious matter.

6. What were the effects of new voyages?

In order to root out heresy, the church court inquisition meted out brutal punishment.

The Spanish inquisition was founded during the time of Ferdinand and Isabella.

The church also prepared an index of hierarchal books and passages hierarchal writing were prohibited for the believers.


1. Write a paragraph on Humanism during the Renaissance period.

A shift from God centered and church centered literary activities to human centered literacy trends are known as Humanism.

In the medieval age, owing to the influence of the Church, the spirit of spiritualism, escapism and worship of God. People began to think more of the other world than this one.

2. What were the results of the Renaissance?

The study of classical languages developed a spirit of enquiry in the minds of people.

Renaissance created a passion for reason in the minds of the people.

The Renaissance kind led the creative talents of the people and slowly paved the way for many inventions and discoveries.

The study of the history become more scientific.

The Renaissance resulted in humanism noted for its sympathetic and devoted approach to mankind.

3. What were the services of Martin Luther against corrupted practice of the Roman Catholic Church?

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his protest against the indulgence in the form of 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg church in Saxony.

His protest theses were translated, copied and circulated widely in printed form.

In 1520, Luther published Three pamphlets

1. An address to the nobility of the German nation.

2. On the Babylonian captivity of the church and

3. The freedom of the Christian of the man.

4. Write a note on the inquisition and the Index.

In order to root our heresy, the church court inquisition it meted brutal punishments

The Spanish inquisitions as founded the time of Ferdinand and Isabella.

The church also prepared an index of hierarchical books and passages Hierarchical writing were prohibited for the believers.

5. What were the causes for the geographical discoveries?

The age of Renaissance and had removed medieval ideas.

It fostered a spirit of adventure among the people of Europe to explore unknown distant lands in various parts of the world.

Scientists discovered that the earth is spherical in shape.

The invention of Mariner’s compass was the most significant one.


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