8th Geography


I. Fill in the blanks

1. The Transcontinental railway links ______________ with Vladivostok.

2. ____________ are the cheap means of transport.

3. Buckingham canal carried goods from Nellore to _______________.

II. Choose the correct answer

1. ______________ is a major port

a) Puducherry  b) Chennai      c) Cuddalore

2. Pipelines are used to carry__________

a) Coal             b) Oil              c) Wood

3. Telegraph was invented in the year __________

a) 1844             b) 1855           c) 1866

4. The most common mode of the transport is the

a) Roadways    b) Railways      c) Water ways

5. Indian Railways is the _________ largest in the world.

a) Second         b) Third            c) Fourth

6. The Fastest means of transport is the ___________

a) Roadways    b) Railways       c) Airways

III. Match the following

1. Brahmaputra – a) North America

2. Rhine – b) Transcontinental Highway

3. Alaskan Highway – c) Major port

4. Visakhapatnam – d) Inland water ways

5. TPAS – e) Germany

IV. Answer the following

1. How are roads classified?

Roads are classified as transcontinental highways national highways and local roads.

2. Write a note on Indian Railways.

i) Railways are the cheapest and fastest means of transport for carrying bulk goods over long distances.

ii) It is the densest in the Gangetic Plains of U.P., Bihar and West Bengal.

iii) These rail lines are either underground rail lines or elevated above the ground.

3. Name the different means of communication.

i) Tele communication and mass communication are the two types of communication.

1. What is meant by road density?

Road density is the ratio between the total length of roads in a country to its total land area.

2. What is meant by Population density?

Population density is the ratio between the total number of people in a country to its total land area.

V. Paragraph:

1. Write about the major Shipping routes of the world.

i) The North Atlantic route connects the crowded countries of Europe to the Eastern coast of North America.

ii) The Cape of Good Hope route connects western and Southern Europe with South- West Asia and Australia.

iii) The panama canal route connects the west coast regions of North and South Americas with their east Coastal regions.

2. What do you know about inland waterways?

i) Deep navigable rivers with a perennial flow of water and navigation canals constitute the inland water ways.

ii) The most important inland water way lies in the industrially advanced countries of western Europe, North America and Canada.

3. Give an account of mass communication.

i) Mass communication includes all those media designed to reach a large audience.

ii) Mass communication can be divided into two categories the print media include books, Journals, Magazines and news papers.

VI. Detailed

1. The development of transport and communication is important for the development of a country Discuss.


i) Transport and communication play an important role in the development of a country.

ii) A good transportation system helps the movement and exchanged of resources and manpower resulting in economic growth.

iii) Roadways help the economic development of a country.

iv) There is a close relationship between road density and the economic development of a country.

v) The greater the road connectivity, the more is the economic developments.

vi) Railways are cheap and fast means of transport.

vii) Air ways are the fastest and costliest means of transport.


i) Telecommunication and mass communication also play an important role in the development of country.

ii) The Indian National Satellite has revolutionized communication in India in recent years.