8th History


I. Choose the correct answer:

1. Ekoji was the son of ____________

a) Shaji Bhonsle           b) Shivaji         c) Shambaji

2. Saraswathy Mahal was established by _____________

a) Viswanatha Nayak b) Thirumalai Nayak c) Safoji-II

3. Panchalamkuruchi was ruled by____________

a) Safoji-II                   b) Jethupathy   c) Kattabomman

4. Vira Pandya kattabomman was hanged at_________

a) Sivaganga                b) Kayatharu    c) Kalaiyar Koil

II. Fill in the blanks:

1. Dalhousie annexed Tanjavur by applying _____________.

2. Tuljaji patronized the great Telugu poet __________.

3. Vira Pandya kattabomman was humiliated by the British collector_________.

4. In the year ______________ kattabomman was hanged.

5. Shivaji led expedition against ____________ region.

6. _________ was harsh towards Christians.

7. The Maratha rule in Thanjavur came to an end is ____________.

8. Marudhu Pandian was hanged to death in _____________.

5. Umathurai was impaled at _____________.

III. Match the following

1. Baskara Dikshit – a) British collector of Ramnad

2. Jackson – b) 1801

3. South Indian Rebellion- c) British commander

4. Bannerman – d) patronized by the Marathas of Thanjavur

IV. Answer in one word:

1. Who established the Marathas rule in Thanjavur?

Ans : Venkoji

2. Why was called Andhra Kalidasa?

Ans : Aluri Kuppanna

3. Which was the capital of Katabomman?

Ans – Panchalamkuruchi

4. When did Vira Pandya kattabomman come to power?

Ans : A.D 1790

V. Answer the following questions:

1. Write a note on Shaji-II?

i) Shaji-II was the son of venkaji

ii) He was a brilliant and bale ruler.

iii) He was a great patron of scholars

2. Give a brief account on Serfoji-II?

i) Serfoji-II was the adopted son of Tuljaji

ii) He became the ruler in 1787 A.D

iii) The English made Amar singh the ruler.

iv) But during the time of Wellesley, he was reduced as a pensioner.

3. Explain the causes for panchalamkuruchi battle.

i) Jackson, the Ramnad collector tried to arrest kattabomman but kattabomman escaped.

ii) To overthrow the overlordship of the British, kattabomman made an alliance with marudhu pandyar of Sivagangai.

iii) Many paligars joined with kattabomman.

VI. Detail

1. Write briefly about virapandiya Kattabomman.

i) Virapandya Kattabomman was born in A.D1761

ii) He came to power in A.D.1790

iii) Virapandya Kattabomman did not pay the tribute regularly and it fell arrears.

iv) Jackson, the collector of Ramnad asked him to meet and pay the arrears in full.

v) But Kattabomman disobeyed.

vi) It enraged the collector later Kattabomman decided to meet the collector.

vii) Jackson tried to arrest Kattabomman but he escaped with the help of his brother Umathurai.

viii) After this, Kattabomman decided to over throw the overlordship of the British.

ix) He made an alliance with Marudhu pandyer of Sivagangai.

2. Write an essay on south Indian Rebellion.


i) The company interfered in the matters of local principalities. It reduced the power and prestige of the local rulers.

ii) The princes and the poligars lost their dignity and respectable

status in the society.

iii) The oppressive policy in administration. The rude means of collection of taxes and the superiority complex of the British severely affected the people.

iv) By following the mercantile policy of gain. They increased taxes and collected it in high – handed manners.

v) Kattabomman was humiliated and hanged.

Marudhu Pandiar and the Southern League:

i) Marudhu Pandiar was one of the heroes of South Indian rebellion.

ii) When Kattabomman was hanged to death, he gave protection to Umathurai and others.

iii) Marudhu Pandiar issued proclamation to all the Indians to Unite against the British.


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