8th History


I. Choose the correct answer:-

1. Carnatic wars were fought in

a) 1736 – 1744                        b) 1740 – 1744                        c) 1746 – 1763

Ans : c) 1746 – 1763

2. The battle of Plassey was fought in

a) 1764                        b) 1757                        c) 1765

Ans : b) 1757

3. The founder of the British Empire in India was

a) Robert Cline                        b) Dupleix                  c) Mir Jafar

Ans : a) Robert Cline

4. Count – de – lally was defeated by Sir Eyre Coote at the battle of

a) madras                     b) St.Thomas              c) Wandi wash

Ans : c) Wandi wash

5. Carnatic was originally a province.

a) Turks                       b) zhuns                       c) Mughal

Ans : c) Mughal

6. As a result of the First Carnatic war the English got back

a) Madras                     b) Calcutta                   c) Bombay

Ans : a) Madras

7. The British drone the French out of India by

a) 1673                        b) 1763                                    c) 1863

Ans : b) 1763

8. in Europe had an echo in India as the third Carnatic war.

a) Austrian war of succession              b) Seven years war

c) French Revolution

Ans : b) Seven years war

II. Fill in the blanks:

1. Capital of Carnatic was Arcot.

2. The Hero of Arcot was Robert Cline.

3. The Battle of Buxar made the English East India company a Sovereign power in India.

4. La Bourdonna’s was the French Governor of Mauritius.

1. Carnatic was ruled by Anwaruddin

2. The first Carnatic war broke out in 1746

3. Santhome is situated on the banks of the river Adayar

4. Mohammad Ali took refuge in the fort of Tiruchirappalli

5. The second Carnatic war came to an end by the treaty of Pondicherry

III. Match the following:-

1. First Carnatic war – a) Treaty of Allahabad

2. Third Carnatic War – b) Village near Calcutta

3. Plassay – c) Aix – la – Chappelle

4. Battle of Buxar – d) Treaty of Pairs.

Ans : 1 – C, 2 – D, 3 – B, 4 – A

IV. Answer in one word:-

1. Name the treaty which was signed at the end of the First Anglo Mysore war.

Treaty of Madras

2. Who was made the Nawab of Bengal After the battle of Plassy?

Siray – Ud – Daulah

3. When did the battle of Buxar take place?

October 22, 1764

V. Answer the following Questions:-

1. What do you know about Black Tragedy?

i) The English and the French were Strengthening their fortification in Bengal.

ii) Siraj – Ud – daulab the Nawab of Bengal asked them not to fort William.

iii) The French obeyed but the English refused to do so.

iv) The British were also misusing their trade privileges.

v) So, Siraj captured Calcutta.

vi) One hundred and forty Six British soldiers were taken as captives. They were locked up in a small room.

2. Write any three causes for the success of the British in India.

i) Britan was commercially superior. The British in India was supported by the Home Government.

ii) The naval power of the British was far Superior to the French.

iii) There was full Co-operation among the English officers.

3. What do you know about Robert Cline’s Dual System of Government.

i) Robert cline introduced a new system called Dyarchy or Dual or Double Government.

ii) According to this system the British enjoyed all powers but no responsibility.

iii) The Nawab was reduced to a position of all responsibility and no power.

iv) The Dual Government was abolished in 1772.

4. What are the causes for the First Anglo Mysore war?

i) Mysore under Hyder Ali emerged as one of the most powerful kingdoms.

ii) Hyder Ali’s growing his finally relations with the French became a matter of concern for the English East India company.

iii) This led to the first Anglo Mysore war.

5. Why were the wars fought between 1746 – 1763 called Carnatic wars?

i) Three wars were fought between 1746 and 1763

ii) These wars were fought in the Carnatic region. So they were called Carnatic wars.

6. Mention the causes for the first Carnatic war.

i) This war was an echo of the Austrian war of succession.

ii) Dupleix, the French Governor of Pondicherry an ambition to establish the French power in India.

7. How did the First Carnatic war come to an end?

i) The first Carnatic war came to an end by the Treatly of Aix – la – Chapelle (1748).

ii) The English got back madras.

8. What blunder did the French Commits in the third Carnatic war?

i) The French General cont de Lally captured fort St.David.

ii) Bussy, the French General at Hyderabad was asked to attack madras. It was a great blunder committed the French.

VI. Answer in detail:-

1. Give an account of the causes, course and the results of the Second and Third

Carnatic wars.

The Second Carnatic war:-


i) He was connected with the succession disputes between the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Nawab of Carnatic.

ii) The Nizam of Hyderabad Asaf Shah died in 1748.

iii) There arose a competition between his son Nasirjung and the grandson Muzzafar Jung.

iv) Almost at the same time the Nawab of Carnatic Dost Ali also died.

v) There was a dispute between Anwar – Ud din and his son – in throne of Arcot.


i) With the help of the French, Muzaffar fung and Chandra Sahib defeated

Anwaruddin at the battle ambar in 1769 and killed Ambur in 1769 and killed him.

ii) But his osn Mohammad Ali took refuge in the fort of Thichirapalli.

iii) Chandra Sahib became the Nawab of Carnatic.

iv) In Hyderabad, both Nazir jung and Muzaffar jung were killed.

v) Robert cline a Clerk in the British East India company changed the course of the war.


i) The second Carnatic war came to and end by the Treat of Pondicherry in 1755.

ii) By this treaty both sides affreed not off interfere in the internal affairs of the Indian princely states.

iii) They also agreed to return each others territories

iv) Mohammad Ali was acknowledged as the Nawab of Carnatic.

The Third Carnatic war:-

Causes :

i) In 1756 the seven years war broke out in Europe.

ii) The same war echoed in India as the Thrid Carnatic war.

Course :

i) The French General Count da Lally captured Fort St.David.

ii) Bussy the French General at Hyderabad was asked to attack madras.

iii) It was a great blunder committed by the French.

iv) When Bussy left Hyderabad the British captured Hyderabad.

v) But the British General Sir Eyre coote defeated both the French Generals at the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760.

vi) In the next year 1761 Connt de Lally Surrounded Pondicherry to British.


i) The war came to an end by the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

ii) Pondicherry, Karaikal, Chandranagore and Mahe were returned to the French.

iii) But they were not allowed to fortify them.

iv) The British became more powerful in India.


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