8th History


I. Choose the correct answer:-

1. The great _____ trading centre was captured by ottoman Turks in 1453 A.D

a) Afghanistan                         b) Constantinople       c) Baluchistan

2. ______ was the first viceroy of the Portuguese possessions in India.

a) Francisco-de-Almeida        b) Alfonso-de-Albuquereque

c) Barthalomeo Diaz

3. The English east India company was started in

a) 1600 A.D               b) 1644 A.D                c) 1664 A.D

4. ______ became the head quarters of the French settlements in India.

a) Chandranagore        b) Pondicherry            c) Mahe

5. Vasco-da-Gama was a _________ sailor

a) Dutch                       b) Spanish                   c) Portuguese

6. The fall of  ______  was a great blow to the Portuguese.

a) Vijayanagar                       b) Talikota      c) Masulipatnam

7. In 1640 the English built  ______ to protect their trade

a) Fort St – George    b) Fort William            c) Rd fort

8. In 1580 Portugal came under the rule of  ______

a) England                   b) France        c) Spain

9. In 1615 Sir Thomas Roe arrived at the court of the Mughal Emperor ______

a) Auragazeb               b) Shajahan      c) Jahangir

II. Fill in the blanks:-

1. The Portuguese captured Goa from the Sultan of ___________.

Ans : Bijapur

2. Captin William Hawking visited the court of the Mughal emperor ___________.

Ans : Jahangir

3. Sir Thomas Roe arrived India is ___________.

Ans : 1615

4. ____________came to India in 1742 as the Governor.

Ans : Dupleix

5. In 1453 A.D the ottoman Turks captured _____

Ans : Constantinople

6. _____ were the first to discover a new sea route to India.

Ans : The Portuguese

7. Vasco – da – Gama crossed _______ and reached Calicut.

Ans : Cape of Good Hope

8. The people of Denmark were known as ________

Ans : Danish

III. Match the following:-

1. Vasco- da- gama a) England
2. Mahe b) French settlement
3. Spice Island c) Portuguese Sailor
4. King James d) East Indies

Ans : 1 – C, 2 – B, 3 – D, 4 – A

1. Alexander  a) Cape of Storm
2. Barthalomea Diaz  b) Danish Trading Centre
3. Allanquarque  c) port
4. Tranquebar  d) Minister of Louis XIV
5. Colbert  e) Second Viceroy of the Portuguese

Ans : 1 C, 2 A, 3 E, 4 B, 5 – D

IV. Answer the following in a word:-

1. When was the French East India company formed?

Ans : 1664

2. Who was Francis Day?

Ans : English Merchant

3. In which city is Fort St.George located?

Ans : Madras

4. In which contained is the cape of Good Hope located?

Ans : Africa

5. How did the Portuguese king change the name of cape or Storm?

Cape of Good Hope

6. Who was the first Sailor?

Bartholomen Diaz

7. Where did Vascodagama land in


8. Who killed Almeida?

The Egyptians

V. Answer the following:-

1. Write any three causes for the decline of the Portuguese power in India.

i) Albuquerque’s successors were week. They could not strengthen the Portuguese hold over India.

ii) The Portuguese often indulged in Piracy against the Indian merchants.

iii) The Portuguese often forcibly converted the native to Christianity.

2. How did the English east India company?

i) Charles II the king of England married Catherine, the daughter of the king of Portugal.

ii) He got Bombay a Small village as a part of dowry.

iii) In 1668 Charles II gave Bombay on lease to the English east India company on a nominal rent of 10 pounds.

3. What were the trading centres of the French East India company in India?

i) Surat, Masulipatnam, Pondicherry, Chandranagore, Mahe and Karaikkal.

4. Write a note on Albuquesque.

i) Albuquerque was the second viceroy of the Portuguese in India.

ii) He was a great conqueror.

iii) He captured Goa and made it as the capital.

iv) He built the port of Ormuz in the persion Gulf.

v) He was good administrator.

Answer in detail.

1. Give an account of the English East India company in India.

i) In 1586, the English defeated the Spanish Armada.

ii) Consequently they became the most important naval power of Europe.

iii) Then they thought of establishing colonies in the Eastern Countries.

iv) So the English East India company was started by 100 London merchants.

v) They received permission from Queen Elizabeth – I on December 31st 1600 to carry on trade with the east.

vi) However permission was not given due to the influence of the Portuguese.

vii) He got Bombay a small village as a part of dowry.

2. Write about the establishment of trading centres by the Dutch and the French in India.

Establishment of Dutch trading centres:

i) The Dutch people of Holland founded the Dutch East India company in 1602.

ii) They began to trade with Eastern countries. They concentrated on “Spice Islands”.

iii) The Dutch company established its trading centres at Chinsura, nagapattinam, Surat and Masulipatinam.

iv) They founded pulicat near madras in 1610 and they built a forst there.

v) They also established trading centres at Surat Broach, Cambay, Ahmedabad Patna and kazimbazzar.

vi) The enmity between the Dutch and the English resulted in the Amboyna massacre in 1623.

vii) In 1759 the English captured Chinsura from the Dutch. Then the English also captured Nagapattinam.

viii) Thus the Dutch power in India came to an end.

Establishment of French trading centres:

i) The French East India company was establishment in 1664 by Colbert the minister of Louis XIV.

ii) They set up their factories at Surat 1668 and Masulipatnam in 1669.

iii) They got a palace to the south of madras from the ruler of Thanjore.

iv) The enmity between the French and the English led to the Carnatic wars.

v) The English came out successful in these wars.


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