6th Civics


I. Fills in the blanks:

1. School is a social institution.

2. Education paves way for the development of the society.

3. The Teacher unites the society and school.

4. Differences are essentials natural phenomena.

5. Teachers are given equal importance to god.

II. Match the following:

1. Society                                 – owner of the school

2. Do not waste Drinking Water – good quality of the Students

3. Student who join together    – student society

4. Parents and elders                – should praise the students

5. School                                 – help the society to grow

III. Answer the following:

1. By whom schools established?

The society is the first beneficiary of the school service. The society is waiting to provide the school with necessary requirement in order to secure the bright future of its children.

2. What does the development of the society depend on?

The development of the society depends on the basic education facilitated to young children.

3. Why it is necessary to have difference?

· Difference is a natural phenomena.

· It is a human nature to find unity among these.

· Teachers should help the students to recognize the reason for these differences and help them to live a harmonious life.

4. Difference is the Law of nature explains.

· Difference is natural phenomena. It is human nature to find    unity.

· These differences should not consider in the society.

· Though there are different in caste, color, language but we are Indians.

· The variety among the people to unite the society.

· We need to understand the character in different people in order to live together.

5. What are the moral values to be instilled in the society?

v Discipline

v Self control

v Equality

v Co-operation community living helping tendency

v unity

Are the moral values to be insisted in the Schools.

6. List the principle to the students should follow in school.

Ø Being punctual

Ø Having regular attendance

Ø Self confidence

Ø Being attentive class

Ø Showing interest in studies

Ø Maintaining silence during prayer assembly

7. List the Aims of society.

§ Economic progress

§ Improving the opportunities and facilities

§ Provision of healthy life

§ Security

§ Hygiene and nutritious foods

§ Drinking water and fair distribution are the aims of the Society


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