1. The imaginary lines that are drawn from the east to the west on a globe is called——


2. Longitude is called as the —————-

Greenwich Meridian

3. Map that show the continents, countries, capitals is called as ——


II. Answer the following:

1. Which is a map?

· A map is a representation of the earth or part of it and is drawn to scale on paper on cloth.

2. Explain thematic maps.

· Maps that show temperature, forest and mineral resources are drawn based on a theme.

Hence they are called Thematic maps.

Example: the transport map of India and the Industrial map of Tamil Nadu.

3. What is the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of India?

We locate India between 80N to 370 N latitudes and between 680 E to 970 E longitudes.

4. Write the uses of the Maps.

· It is used to locate the places.

· It is used to locate resources that are found on earth.

· It is helps the military to move its troops.

· It helps in planning.

· It helps us to know the movement of the satellite and planets in the sky.

· It is used for teaching and learning in a class room.