7th History


I.Choose the best answer:-

1. Md-bin-Qasim was sent to conquer Sind.

2. Md of Ghazni defeated Jaipala.

3. Somanath temple was plundered by Md of Ghazni in 1025A.D.

4. In the first Battle of Tarine Md of Ghori was defeated by Prithivi raj.

5. The commander of Md of Ghori was Qutb-ud-din Aibak.

II Fill in the blanks:-

1. Probhet Mohamed was the founder of Islam.

2. Mohamed-bin-Qasim invaded Sind in 712A.D.

3. In the second battle of Tarain Mohamed of ghori killed Prithiviraj.

4. Mohamed-bin-Baktiyar- khilji captured Nadia in Bengal.

5. Mohamed of Ghori was considered to be the real founder of a Turkish Empire in India.

III Match the following:-

1. Al-hajaji – Governor of Iraq.

2. Multan – City of gold.

3. Sabudktigin – Ruler of Ghazni

4. Somnath temple – Kathiawar

5. Firdaus – Scholar

IV. Answer the following:-

1. Write a note on the administrative system of Arabs Sind.

v Mohamed-bin-Qasim divided Sind and Multan into a number of Iqtas and districts.

v Arab military officers were appointed as heads of the Iqtas.

v Local Hindu officers were allowed to administer that the sub-divisions of the districts.

2. Who dismissed Mohamed-bin-Qasim and why?

v Caliph sulaiman dismissed Mohamed-bin-qusim.

v He was an arch enemy of AL-hajjaj, the governor of Iraq.

3. Who were the rulers defeated by Mohamed of Ghazni?

v Mohamed of Ghazni defeated Jaipala, the ruler of the Hindu Shahi dynasty , Fateh Daud

of Multan and Anadpala of Nagarkot.

v He also crushed the Chandelas, the rulers of Mathura, Kanouj and Gwalior.

4. What were the regions invaded and captured by Mohamed of ghori?

v Ghori captured multan and uch.

v He subjucated lower Sind in 1182 A.D.

v In 1185 A.D. He invaded Punjab and captured the fortress of Sialkot.

v In 1186 A.D. he besieged Lahore.

5. Why was the battle of Chandwar important in the history of India?

v In the battle of Chanwar, Jaichand was struck in the eye by an arrow and he was killed

by Mohamed of Ghori.

v The victory at Chandwar helped Mohamed of Ghori to extend further into India.

V. Answer in detail:-

1. Write in detail the Arab conquest of Sind and Multan and its effects on India.

v Commercial contacts prevailed between India and Arabia for a long time.

v There were many causes for the conquest of Sind.

v They wanted to extend their political and religious control over it.

v Mohamed-bin-Qasim was sent by Al-Hajjaj the Governor of Caliph walid to conquer Sind.

v He marched against Dahir the ruler of sind defeated him in the battle of Rewar and captured Sind.

v He also captured Multan.

v He got so much of wealth from muttan that he called Multan The City of Gold.


v The conuest of sind sowed the seeds for their coming of Islam into India.

v The Arabs learnt the art of administration, astronomy, music, painting, medicine and

architecture from our land.

v Indian philosophy numerals and astronomy were taken to Europe by the Arabs.

6. Give an account of the first and second Battle of Tarain.

First battle of Tarain.

v In 1189 A.D. Mohamed.of Ghori captured the fortress of Bhatinda and advanced into the

kingdom of Prithiviraj Chauhan the Rajput ruler.

v Prithiviraj marched and defeated him with a large force and defeated Mohamed of Ghori

in the Battle of tarain in 1191AD.

Second battle of Tarain:

v Mohamed of Ghori re-enforced himself and marched against prithivi for the second time in 1192.

v He gave a crushing defeat to the combined forces of the Rajput rulers under Prithiviraj at Tarain.

v Prithiviraj was imprisoned and later put to death.

v The second battle of Tarain marked in the beginning of the Turkish rule in the heart in Indian Hindustan for the first time in indian history.

v Mohamed of Ghori appointed Qutb-ud-din Aibak his commander.


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